Would-Be Proliferators of Nuclear Waste
in Australia

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RT @renew_economy: Germany #renewable energy policy designed to keep industries at home http://t.co/0HKD4W5XvT 23 April, 2014

RT @renew_economy: Wind and solar generation half the cost of nuclear http://t.co/TGlcFLcexf 23 April, 2014

RT @AusConservation: When #nuclear power goes pear-shaped - photographer Gerd Ludwig documents Chernobyl, 28 years on: http://t.co/XwBxVsY1… 23 April, 2014

RT @malivirtually: The inevitable happens: Fukushima Groundwater Wells Contaminated From Leaking Tanks http://t.co/CgTrHqBK8F 23 April, 2014

RT @nirsnet: Petition from our friends at CNIC in Tokyo: do not allow restart of Sendai or Genkai reactors. Sign now! http://t.co/AdqZGHlWb… 23 April, 2014

ERA suggests it might struggle to pay for the rehabilitation of the Ranger uranium mine http://t.co/TQe664qoRQ 23 April, 2014

RT @PPchef: Do Germans know what they are talking about with renewables and nuclear, or is it fear? http://t.co/4MtUJFaCJR 23 April, 2014

RT @PeterRoche3: Nuclearfree councils criticise @EnvAgency for 'downplaying' intergenerational equity on erosion of #nuclear dump http://t.… 23 April, 2014

RT @VicWindAll: Won't be seeing a 17.6% increase in the price of #wind power any time soon. Going completely the other way http://t.co/7LSy… 23 April, 2014

RT @renew_economy: Germany industrial users - with much #wind, #solar - pay 35% less for electricity than nuclear powered France peers http… 23 April, 2014

RT @criticalityblog: Religion News: Nun gets 35 months in jail for nuclear protest http://t.co/4ijIuybWiv 22 April, 2014

RT @cleantechnica: Wind & Solar Best Sectors In Climate Stocks According To HSBC http://t.co/PbHHd3w3Hs 22 April, 2014

RT @alison_m_martin: New wind, solar power cheaper than nuclear option, study shows http://t.co/c56296gyZQ 22 April, 2014

RT @DrHCaldicott: @PEACENOW_ @secgen Each 1000 megawatt reactor makes 30 tons of high level waste per year 20 April, 2014

RT @ABCenvironment: . @DrHCaldicott discusses her long life as an anti-nuclear campaigner (watch) http://t.co/JLYXqpd15A 16 April, 2014

@ThatArcher @peterpan1729 @ChristinaMac1 reasonable to infer given price they r willing to pay - even if it is just to attract talent 16 April, 2014

RT @SPStensil: “Nuclear power has taken the biggest punch” of all generation sources from current low power prices Kenneth Cornew, Exelon C… 16 April, 2014

RT @BeyondNuclear: 10,000 abandoned uranium mines in U.S. Corporations walk away leaving toxic legacy. http://t.co/51F2lNePgj 16 April, 2014

RT @SPStensil: #Chernobyl cap is now casualty of #Ukraine crisis http://t.co/CxOkM9Fr4L 16 April, 2014

RT @EarlyWarningPF: At $57B this year, nuclear weapons programs are an obvious example of misallocation of resources. http://t.co/Pw8zxlGmov 15 April, 2014

RT @Global100RE: $15bn Czech nuclear power project cancelled - only feasible with state subsidies http://t.co/JMObA9H3LP 15 April, 2014

RT @REWorld: CEO of German Utility RWE Says It Should Have Invested in Renewable Energy Sooner http://t.co/yr3f9dCIz8 15 April, 2014

RT @Greenpeace: Renewable energy is our best defense --> http://t.co/efGPuTSLU7 15 April, 2014

RT @PPchef: #Disruptive renewables: baseload misery continues in Germany & neighbor countries, visit http://t.co/OwwqFJlO76 15 April, 2014

RT @100renew: Wow, this is phenomenal. Solar is going to change everything about how we do energy. Forever. "While solar has... http://t.… 15 April, 2014

RT @malivirtually: Good news as B&W scales back its small nuclear reactor project discovering "the emperor has no clothes." http://t.co/eIs… 14 April, 2014

RT @Global100RE: Germany today: 54% from renewables, 30% from wind! http://t.co/Df3l7D2oP7 14 April, 2014

RT @Matthias_Duwe: #IPCC_wg3 presentation in Berlin receives comments by minister #Gabriel, speaks against nuclear and pro stronger ETS htt… 14 April, 2014

RT @nelderini: Germany has so much solar & wind production that it has scotched a new nuke plant in Czech Republic, writes @PPchef http://t… 14 April, 2014

RT @PPchef: Solar + wind peak above 50 percent demand on April 13 http://t.co/8SYt43alHC 14 April, 2014

RT @PPchef: #Disruptive renewables: on Sunday, power prices near zero http://t.co/8SYt43alHC 14 April, 2014

RT @renew_economy: Schneider study finds boosting renewables will cut energy costs http://t.co/pEjBerAwPr 14 April, 2014

U cant see past the end of ur nose RT @TKoutsantonisMP: SA's 21st mine, begins mining operations this week! Great news for SA, the Uranium 14 April, 2014

RT @AusConservation: Coal pollution: because 10/10 mining billionaires CAN'T be wrong! #australiansforcoal http://t.co/AXfbRQak9k 14 April, 2014

RT @renew_economy: Schneider study finds boosting renewables will cut #energy costs http://t.co/DC7LvyviZO 13 April, 2014

RT @FoEAustralia: IPCC report reminds us that we still have a choice. But we have to seize the opportunity now http://t.co/CSh6PF3k8i 13 April, 2014

RT @ICAN_UK: The UK spends £3bn a year on #NuclearWeapons. 14 April is @DemilitarizeDay http://t.co/zZ5BHKznaF 13 April, 2014

RT @ClimateSpec: IPCC report points to 'renewables solution' http://t.co/m3g358E5SK 13 April, 2014

RT @merijoyce: Sympo in Hiroshima- "Inhumanity of Nuclear Weapons & Role of Govt & Civ Soc in Abolition", @susisnyder now speaking http://t… 11 April, 2014

RT @iiNet: A battery that can charge in under 30 seconds has been shown off at a technology conference. http://t.co/azyvidzLod 11 April, 2014

RT @renew_economy: Most amazing #solar graph - how solar has come from off the charts to be cheaper than oil and gas in Asia http://t.co/9f… 11 April, 2014

RT @NickAberle: Wow that got cheap fast. Solar’s dramatic cost fall may herald energy price deflation. http://t.co/LGwztNk3Fw 11 April, 2014

RT @Sustainable2050: A spectacular way to look at solar PV price development: http://t.co/sVJsHqBThu By 11 April, 2014

RT @ProfRayWills: Well done @cityofmelbourne offers “zero-down” on up to 2kW #solar #PV to pensioners http://t.co/yURTFsQBUa @renew_economy… 11 April, 2014

RT @renew_economy: #Solar’s dramatic cost fall may herald energy price deflation http://t.co/T2nemHaD6P 10 April, 2014

RT @BulletinAtomic: Developing world: nuke power industry need not reveal disaster management, environmental impacts, nor educate public h… 10 April, 2014

RT @nirsnet: Another one bites the dust: Czech utility cancels new reactors at Temelin; its stock rises. http://t.co/CAB2KmaOuZ 10 April, 2014

RT @PPchef: UK should build Hinkley so world can see what was better esp after "legacy power" kicks in ~2030 http://t.co/Flj9sVqVi5 10 April, 2014

RT @jconnoroz: @climateinstitut briefing for @TonyAbbottMHR trip to China, Japan and South Korea http://t.co/T7fZdKnEuU 10 April, 2014

RT @BulletinAtomic: Publics indoctrinated in virtues of nuke weapons let their nations' nuke energy industries get away w/almost anything h… 10 April, 2014

RT @Isadora_Wronski: There's no future for #nuclear in the EU CEZ scraps Temelin nuclear plant expansion shares up #EU2030 #green http://t.… 10 April, 2014

RT @nukereaction: Economics beat #nuclear energy again: CEZ scraps tender to expand Temelin nuclear plant http://t.co/dONqNTPkC0 10 April, 2014

RT @ClimateGroup: Amazing: A plane powered only by #solarenergy will fly around the world without fuel next yr http://t.co/G49JK3Jzvo 10 April, 2014

RT @renew_economy: Melbourne council offers “zero-down” #solar PV to pensioners http://t.co/cjVwMEJWSi 10 April, 2014

RT @LeonieGreene: "Solar power has won the global argument". German vindication. An end to UK energy drift. Energy deflation @telegraph htt… 10 April, 2014

RT @gmcnevin: "Solar power has won the global argument [...] Utilities that fail to adapt fast will face "disaster"." http://t.co/I4NpGrVrr… 9 April, 2014

RT @cleantechnica: Official Unveiling Of Solar Impulse 2 (LIVE VIDEO) http://t.co/mUgI39K6Ta 9 April, 2014

RT @DESERTEC: Renewable Energy night and day. #DESERTEC Award winner Gemasolar proofs it is possible. http://t.co/xcIP1EZzcr 9 April, 2014

RT @nelderini: Hughes: Thin-film PV cell efficiency > 20% in the lab. Our costs will plummet. Next wave of tech: organic PV w/ 50% efficien… 8 April, 2014

RT @nuclearban: Weapons that cannot discriminate between military targets and civilians are anathema to any sense of human dignity http://t… 8 April, 2014

RT @dbiello: uh oh... RT @SebHenbest: "Distributed energy is to utilities, what social media is to the newspaper industry" - @MLiebreich #B… 8 April, 2014

RT @rsmadlani: Unsubsidised wind below $4c/kWh, solar $8c/kWh, competitive with fossil fuels #BNEF2014 @MLiebreich @Jeremy_Grantham http://… 8 April, 2014

RT @100renew: Wow, $US214.4 billion invested in renewable energy worldwide last year, and costs just keep dropping. http://t.co/USK8DJDbDE 8 April, 2014

RT @TysonSlocum: 49% of new #nuclear reactors being built in nations that had none 20 years ago & may lack good safety culture http://t.co/… 7 April, 2014

RT @drwaheeduddin: $5.15 Bill to clean US uranium mine sites MT @NuclearFreeQld: where Kerr-McGee contaminated the US | @washingtonpost htt… 7 April, 2014

RT @NuclearFreeQld: Not one ex uranium mine fully cleaned up in Aust. Same in US - $5.1 billion cost 4 Kerr-McGhee toxic ex-mines http://t.… 7 April, 2014

RT @renew_economy: Graphs of the Day: 4 great charts on Germany’s #energy transition http://t.co/nFXr4NOEBQ 7 April, 2014

RT @nelderini: Former Exelon CEO, Morningstar analysts join the “nuclear is dead” contingent http://t.co/ofSJelZuWU 6 April, 2014

RT @LeonieGreene: "Solar power is world's best hope". Next IPCC report says tech potential exceeds world enrgy demand! @Jonathan__Leake htt… 6 April, 2014

RT @PPchef: New charts at GET http://t.co/D5Xt4WrR9h: 4 April, 2014

RT @Greenpeace: #Wind energy output is breaking records across the US: http://t.co/SnFYFq9OLb 4 April, 2014

Bloomberg: World Needs to Get Ready for Next Nuclear Power Plant Accident http://t.co/DhUPtgxPSg 4 April, 2014

RT @ProfRayWills: Any #business with big #energy bills must read: #Aus plunging cost of #solar http://t.co/B5ylGPks0W 4 April, 2014

RT @Channel__E: How much coal, wind and #SOLAR was built in Europe last year? - new data. | Greenpeace UK http://t.co/dfPLepBxAl 3 April, 2014

RT @RNA_antinuclear: Berlin (dpa) - The Bavarian nuclear power plant Grafenrheinfeld goes for lack of profit at the end of May 2015... http… 3 April, 2014

@SebPV old school government propaganda machine still churning away... 3 April, 2014

RT @PPchef: Germany is not "hurting industry" – industry is the big winner of the #Energiewende! http://t.co/hMoJlbVYrE 3 April, 2014

RT @PPchef: But @endreOpseth, nuclear still can't do this http://t.co/AgFpXqW6q7 2 April, 2014

RT @actforpeace: Make sure you make this incredible event connecting the anti-nuclear movements in Australia and India! @nuclearban http://… 2 April, 2014

RT @gpjen: #Nuclear energy simply isn't flexible enough to change with the times http://t.co/bHSdGlOBEJ 2 April, 2014

RT @PPchef: Dec was best month for wind+PV in 2013, >8 TWh (same as 9 nuclear plants) @Dom_Zeppelin10 @ChiaraRochford http://t.co/BR9PhqWx25 2 April, 2014

RT @KingspanEnergy: We have completed the UK’s largest rooftop solar #PV project; this 6 MW installation took just under three months. http… 31 March, 2014

RT @CEFCAus: IEA says #energyefficiency could cut global energy consumption in 2020 by more than Aust, Japan, NZ & Korea use today http://t… 30 March, 2014

RT @ProfRayWills: 200MW #solar by @FirstSolar will help #mining projects in #Aus reduce energy costs #auspol #wavotes http://t.co/4hAh6ZDlq… 30 March, 2014

IEA: 2011 subsidies: Oil, gas & coal - $US523b Renewables - $US88b http://t.co/cRpQ11yk29 28 March, 2014

RT @NuclearFreeQld: Australia Isn't World's Nuclear Waste Dump : Dave Sweeney | New Matilda @newmatilda http://t.co/HwpatScaoU 27 March, 2014

RT @AusConservation: Here's @NukeDaveSweeney dropping some truth bombs in @newmatilda - Australia isn't the world's nuclear dump https://t.… 27 March, 2014

RT @BulletinAtomic: Fire at WIPP, and the trouble with #nuclear waste (WIPP) http://t.co/FXgEESZteE 27 March, 2014

RT @paddygibson: "Bob Hawke, Alexander Downer, Warren Mundine... all made the case for Australia making a dump for nuclear waste" https://t… 27 March, 2014

RT @uraniumfree: http://t.co/Xs9xvUdxw1 26 March, 2014

RT @renew_economy: Citigroup says the ‘Age of Renewables’ has begun http://t.co/wXZwcHlLpZ 26 March, 2014

RT @PPchef: How is that nuclear renaissance going compared to non-hydro renewables? http://t.co/LCIgGdEfB2 26 March, 2014

RT @nirsnet: Europe's experience with Areva's EPR reactors casts a shadow over Hinkley nuclear project in UK. http://t.co/xZgDE00hWM #Fukus… 26 March, 2014

RT @RianneTeule: NEWS: Doel3/Tihange2 reactors closed once again because tests of cracks vessels show unexpected results http://t.co/zVj4f0… 26 March, 2014

RT @DimityHawkins: MELBOURNE EVENT: Nuclear weapons & the uranium trade: a perspective from India:: Thursday 10th April 6:30-8pm: https://t… 26 March, 2014

RT @Footprint4peace: Please take a minute to call for a public inquiry in to uranium mining http://t.co/WzYTva4sU6 25 March, 2014

RT @ProfRayWills: Germany's economic performance is strong, expansion of #renewable energy a big part of success. http://t.co/eoahNrYzC8 25 March, 2014

RT @AP: Obama says a nuclear blast in NYC is a bigger concern to him than Russia's actions: http://t.co/ws08cuQzv1 25 March, 2014

RT @PeterRoche3: We couldn't stay pals with Russia 6months but still banking on being mates with China for 60+ yrs #hinkley #nuclear http:/… 25 March, 2014

China's renewable energy system nearly as large as combined total of electrical energy produced by France & Germany http://t.co/Ls1LwpdVqy 25 March, 2014

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