Would-Be Proliferators of Nuclear Waste
in Australia

This site names the politicians who want to dump extremely long-lived radioactive waste on your kids and force them to maintain and secure it. They also want to do the same to your grandkids and your great grandkids and your great great grandkids and...

As the dawn of clean renewable energy rises, some politicans would prefer that we leave a toxic legacy of nuclear waste for your descendants to inherit. An expensive, toxic legacy that will require maintenance and security for millenia to come - for no benefit other than the pockets of those involved in the nuclear industry.

The nuclear industry is over 70 years old and has been making promises about dealing with nuclear waste since day 1 - yet the industry has thus far been unable to provide a safe and secure means of disposing of long-lived nuclear waste. They continue to make promises and no doubt, the result will be the same - more promises at a later date. Promises allow nuclear industry participants time to get in, make a buck and get out. It will be your descendants who will be stuck with the problem - and the bill.

Unlike other forms of energy generation, the work really begins once the electricity has been generated and used. It is at this stage that resources (money, brainpower, land, manpower) are consumed for maintaining and securing the resulting radioactive waste that will remain dangerous for thousands of years. This work and concern will be passed on to future generations - even though they will not have had the benefit of using the electricity that results in long lived radioactive waste.

So, when thinking about who you will vote for at the next election, decide whether you want to elect someone who will create a toxic burden for your descendants to maintain and monitor. If not, then YOU SHOULD NOT VOTE for anyone listed on this page.

If you feel that you must vote for one of these people, then please send them a note telling them to change their position on burdening future Australian's with the legacy of nuclear waste as their position is testing the limits of your support.

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Your descendants will have more constructive things that need to be done instead of looking after your radioactive waste.

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